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I married a hunter…DIY Deer Mount Palette Plaque

Part of my job as an interior designer and a homemaker is to make my home a reflection of the entire family, not just me!  So building the cozy atmosphere that makes “home sweet home” includes decorating with the gifts of a hunter.  Though I have always liked the look of European mounts and accessorizing with antlers, the idea of an entire deer sticking out of my wall was a little more difficult to take.  I am not a huge fan of what looks like a deer stuck in your wall, as if the rear end may be on the other side!  Anyhow, carrying on with the recycling theme and all the palette projects on Pinterest I decided to make my own take on that:  we created an arrowhead shaped plaque to showcase the deer.  It brings in the old weathered, rustic wood and it also helps create a nice backdrop.  Not to mention that fact that this creation has helped me learn to embrace the deer head that hangs on my wall.  It is what helped me enjoy one of my husband’s biggest joys:  hunting and his trophies.  After all, this is his home too and I married a hunter!


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This entry was posted on April 20, 2012 by in DIY Projects.

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