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Through my experience I have realized that many people are unsure about what an interior designer does and who we are.  Almost as though there is a fear of talking with a designer because it will cost too much or maybe it’s just a fear of not knowing what to expect.  I believe it’s a combination of both, and I would like to give you a little insight as to how I like to work and how I can help you.  First off, my time is yours so we can figure out the best way to use it to fulfill your needs for whatever project it is you are considering.  For example, maybe you have never been able to decide what color to paint your dining room and you have a pile of artwork and picture frames with nowhere to go.  This is when you call me!

Here’s the process…

–          Initial consultation to discover project scope, style and budget.  We will discuss your wants, needs and style direction.  At this point we will estimate how much of my time may be needed and what that cost might be.

–          Concept development or on-the-spot consult.  Depending on the type of project, this could include a quick inspiration with on-the-spot direction or if the project is a little more in-depth, time outside of consult will be required to develop a concept.  At this point a concept or mood board will be created to make sure we are headed in the right direction.  Once approved, the project continues on.

–          Finish selection/space planning/shopping with client are the next step.  I can select and suggest finishes or go shopping with you.  This all depends on how much help you want!  If space planning or plan drawings are needed, extra time will be required for this.

–          At this point you should be well on your way.  Whether you are working on the project yourself or the contractors are hard at it.  I will be available for questions and/or concerns throughout the project.  AND the fun begins…watching it all come together to create a space that’s all about you and a space that you love!


Upon completion a final walk-through of finished project and photos for my portfolio would be greatly appreciated.  I also love receiving progress photos, as I enjoying seeing it unfold as much as you do, not to mention seeing your enthusiasm and excitement!

Larger projects will require extra steps including, but not limited to: plan and finish revisions, signing contract and providing a deposit.


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